Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 1 - San Diego to Alpine, CA

Fantastic. We had picture-perfect weather all day and a support crew second to none. We started off with the ceremonial trudge through the sand with the loaded bikes to get the wheels wet with the Pacific at Dog Beach. Todd managed to keep his feet dry, but Jay did experience the Pacific seeping through his shoe into his sock. At that point, we trudged back and got ready to ride.


We leave in 3 hours, and I for one am very excited. Panniers packed and re-packed, maps ready, GPS ready, riders ready - here we go!

We'll blog as often as we can, though I am sure that it will not be every day due to limited internet access and other factors. We'll also be tweeting, and you can of course track our progress on the Where page starting later today. Please note that it might take us a day to get that link totally working, since it will be linked to an outside page. Our web guy is setting it up for us, so please be patient as we put that final piece of the site into place!

Thank you for your support! - Jay

Thursday, March 18, 2010

In San Diego - Words of Thanks & Itinerary for the First Week

I've been in California for several days but just arrived in San Diego yesterday, as did Todd (he was scheduled to get in *late*). We now have two days to finish preparations and to rest up.

We shipped our bikes to the Trek Superstore in La Mesa thanks to GYGIG '07 rider Robert Sigal's help, and Robert has even lent a bike rack for the car - helpful for sure! We'll be picking up the bikes this afternoon. Todd's wife Tammy is here to support and see us off, and later today we're also being joined by Jim Smith, GYGIG's volunteer Board president, and Carol Earls, who is coming from the Bay Area to help us out.

I am sure there are others who will be joining us for the sendoff - - I just have not met 'em yet (including you, Kyle, bring a crowd if ya can), but I look forward to that for sure.