Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 53

Waukeenah to Spirit of Suwannee Park

Today we got to start the day with a waffle breakfast provided by the KOA, with coffee, and orange juice. It was a good start to the day, along with conversation with a couple that is touring the country by car.

When we hit the road we started by following route 90 for a good part of the day, this section was very nice – not much traffic, and good scenery around. We finally went back to the side roads, where we experienced the rolling hills of Florida, every bit as bad as the hill country in Texas (just in case you didn’t read my other posts, Florida IS NOT FLAT!!!!)

As we rolled along the biggest thing I noticed was the moss in the trees, and how much if it there was. Some areas seem worse that others but either way there was a lot of trees covered in it. It was very picturesque, and I found myself stopping more than once for pictures. When the moss seemed to disappear, the fields opened up and we began to see a lot of flowers again. The fields and roadsides were covered in yellow and purple flowers, and they were in full bloom everywhere you looked.

The hills did not change all day except to maybe get a little worse as the day wore on ( I don’t know if they were worse or we were getting beat up by them!). We were heading to Spirit of Suwannee Music Park for the night. We called to make sure they had room, and they did. The bad news – it’s the only night of the week they have no restaurant or music!!! Try to avoid Tuesday nights at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park if you can.

We passed through Lee, Fl. today and I have to say they are quite proud Their motto even proclaimes it - when you enter town there is a sign that reads: "Lee Florida - little but proud" I guess you have to be awfully proud to boast about your size!!

We arrived and went to the convenience store down the road to get provision for cooking this evening, the prices were a little high so we decided to wait and check the camp store. After checking in we were advised the camp store closes at 5:00pm it was now 5:10 – of all the luck – we now had to set up and go back to the convenience store.

We picked our sites and set up, then Ron took his bike (he unhooked his trailer so it was light and fast) and shopped for dinner for us. He returned and we made elbow pasta, marinara sauce, and hotdogs. Good enough for me. Dinner finished and cleanup all set we turned in for the night, we have a 79 mile day again tomorrow.

Today’s Garmin Information is as follows:

Day 53 Waukeenah to Spirit of Suwannee Music Park by wegotguts at Garmin Connect - Details

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