Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 55

Lake City to Palatka

Before I got on the road today I received a call from Ron saying that they had a good day yesterday and were feeling extremely good starting today. They were interested in making a big ride today and rejoining to finish the ride together. That was awesome news, it is far better to ride with others than to ride alone!
I told them I would love to finish the ride with them but the way we had finished yesterday would make it difficult to get back together. We all decided to finish today's ride and meet tomorrow in Palatka for the final ride into Saint Augustine.
With that, I got to where I was supposed to turn yesterday and headed out for Palatka.

Heading out on the road today, I had two distinct features that grabbed my attention, the first was the sighting of what appeared to be Texas Longhorns on a farm, (not only is Florida hilly like Texas but has Longhorns too!), and the second was the constant sound of helicopters flying around, (I later learned that this was due to the close proximity of the National Gaurd's Blanding Traing Center). i again took a wrong road today that put me about 8 miles out of my way(round trip). I got myself back on track and before long found I was again on the rolling hills of Texas - I mean Florida- and the wonderful, heavily cracked chipseal pavement just made for an awesome riding Day!!

I was riding with purpose, I had to finish in Palatka so that tomorrow I could reunite with Ron and Gerry to finish. Not an easy task given the road conditions and Florida weather being hot and humid, but I did make it. At this point I am starting to have mixed emotions about finishing - on the one hand am very exited to be so close to the end, to be able to say I pedaled from Coast to Coast. But on the other hand it was going to be over, the friendships made, the talking about colon health, the views, the kindnesses shown, the hills were all going to be done.(ok so I won't really miss any of the hills!) But, basically all I have had to do for the past 55 days or so was to clean up camp everyday, pedal to my next stop and eat, each and every day.

It is all about to end and I will have to try a resume a "normal life" again. But what am I thinking??? I still have one more day of riding so why worry about such things as the end when I have one more day to enjoy with friends!!! Let's cross that bridge when we get to it - for now I will enjoy more riding!

Today's Garmin information is as follows:

Day 55 Lake City to Palatka by wegotguts at Garmin Connect - Details

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