Friday, April 2, 2010

OK now for some catching up!!!
I will start with Day 10 )Mesa to Globe)and put a new entry for each day to keep them a little shorterand as alway I will have the garmin readout of each day

The ride out of Mesa was difficult as I found myself riding alone for the first time. Jay is off to see the doctor to find out what is wrong. After getting the maps and some supplies I bagan peddaling out of Mesa. The ride must go on, people with Crohn's, colitis,colorectal cancer, and ostomies go on everyday - so must the ride to bring awareness!!

The scenery changed quickly from city to open land as I approached and went through (yes that fast) Apatche Junction on my way to route 60. As I cameup the entrance ramp the colors of the flowers started and continued to get better as I arrived in the Tonto National Forest, through Florence Junction, over Gonzalez Pass(2651 feet), to Superior.

Lunch in Superior was at Los Hermanos Mexican restaurant, really good food resonably priced and good service. With lunch finished it was time to climb some more. Leaving town I haeded up the hill to the Queen Creek Tunnel, a quarter mile tunnel that is the noisiest, smelliest thing I have ever been through. Onward to Miami - The Copper Capital of the world (thats what the sign says!)

A short trip through Miami and Claypool to Globe, our final destination for the evening. While riding through Miami I noticed the signs that proclaimed "Miami, the copper center of the world). One last climb and we were at the Gila County RV Park. The owners were great people offering us a dicounted rate (for cyclists) of $7.00 for the night, and the offer of a shower also for cyclists in an old adobe home they are Remodeling.

The Ry park was small and only had a port-a-potty bathroom, but they did have free wi-fi.It was interesting hearing the church bell chime (westminster chimes)on the hour until 11:00 pm and starting again at 6:00 am

The ride for the day according to the Garmin:

Day 10 Mesa to Globe by wegotguts at Garmin Connect - Details

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