Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 44

Laplace to New Orleans (Harvey)

I started today from the fire station in Laplace (station 3). The guys came out to let me know they had left coffee and mugs on the counter. To all you guys whom I never got to meet-- A BIG THANK YOU!

When I finished my coffee and folded my tent I was ready to hit the road, but a thunderstorm hit. I waited under the front porch until it eased a little. I started off and was met by another wave of heaver rain. I managed to get some shelter at a Shell stsation for a little while. When I started down the road again I found my self ducking for cover every few miles for the first hour or so. I came across a McDonald's, and stopped for coffee(to warm back up) and some breakfast.

This time when I hit the road I never had much more than a quick rain shower to slow me, the wind was in my face all day but manageable. I rode until I ran out of road - then I got to take a break on the ferry across the Mississippi. Once on the otherside I was only 6 or so miles from my hotel. When I Arrived the woman at the desk was very kind, and was able to get my room ready early. I was finally able to get some well deserved relaxation, and a good warm bath. Off to bed for some rest, then off to the convention center tomorrow!

Todays Garmin information is as follows:

Day 44 Laplace to New Orleans by wegotguts at Garmin Connect - Details

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