Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 33

Bastrop State Park to Brenham

OK I get it already - Hill country - Today was full of more rolling hills, you get to the top of one and there is a triple hill coming that is just a little higher than you started. If not for a bit of a headwind, it would have been a great ride down the first hill and most of the way up the next. Not today, I had to work a little for it!

The weather was bright and sunny and hit 85 degrees for the first time in a while, it was nice to have the sun again, to dry me out. The Bluebonnets down in this area are about at peak and I could see many fields of them in full bloom, it is quite beautiful to see. If you ever get a chance to come to Texas, try to make it for this time of the year and check out the Bluebonnets (The Texas State Flower).

I rode out today with my wife Tammy following me for the next couple of days, as this is her vacation time( not much of a vacation following me on my bike), we are staying in Bastrop State Park, and riding out each day to stay on schedule and going back to the park each evening. Today I stopped just short of Brenham (home of Blue Bell ice cream), so that tomorrow I can ride into Brenham have lunch with Tammy, and go take the tour of Blue Bell Creamery. (can you tell I like Blue Bell ice cream?)

The ride was nice and scenic with the Blue Bonnets along the way, the only downfall for the day - chip seal roadways - over simplifying it, Oil and rock rolled on the ground to extend the life of road surfaces. Extremely bumpy and rough on the seat!!!

As I stated earlier I stopped short of Brenham, packed the bike in the SUV, and was off to the Oasis at LAke Travis for a sunset dinner. If you have not been there - look it up and go (Beautiful sunset views) if you have been there I don't have to say any more - you already know!!!!

The Garmin information for the day is as follows:

Day 33 Bastrop State Park to Brenham by wegotguts at Garmin Connect - Details

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  1. You are sooo fortunate to have Tammy with you.. I cant believe any "Gal" would have an issue with watching her man ride into the sunset followed by a tre'romantique dinner wathing that sun set and ice cream too !!! Some girls have all the luck. Where can Blue Belle ice cream be purchased?