Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 34
Brenham to Navasota

Like I explained yesterday - I didn't really ride quite all the way to Brenham, I was 9 miles short. I started at the same spot I left off with yesterday (right next to this cute little camper I wanted to buy on route 290). Today was a bit overcast but not to hot - a perfect riding day! I rode into Brenham historic district to meet Tammy for lunch - and rode right through without ever seeing her. I was about half a mile from the Blue Bell creamery when I called her. I ended up riding back about a mile and stopped in town for lunch at Funky Art Cafe & Coffee Bar.

When we finished lunch, I rode down to blue Bell and met Tammy to go for the tour. It was really fun and the ice cream sample at the end made my day!!!! I had looked forward to the tour for several weeks now and was not disappointed. Now if we can only get them to sell it in Connecticut I will be all set. It was interesting to find out they are the third largest ice cream company in the country and they only sell it in 19 states - yes it is that good. And when you buy a half gallon of their ice cream, it is still two quarts - a REAL HALF GALLON!!!!!!

After the tour I set out for Navasota, it was starting to rain, so I tried to speed it up a bit. It never more that drizzled so it felt refreshing as I rode. The hills did eventually let up and get easier as I approached Navasota. Once in town I rode to the Firehouse to get a patch and find out if it would be possible to stay on their property Friday night so I can start fresh Saturday morning. The Chief found a patch for me, and showed me where he lets the cyclists passing through stay. Awesome a safe place for the night - mission accomplished.

They are VERY bicycle friendly at the firehouse here, so if you know someone crazy enough to do this (cross country bicycling)- have them stay the night here if they need it!

The garmin information for the day is as follows:

Day 34 Brenham to Navasota by wegotguts at Garmin Connect - Details

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