Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 20
Midland to Lake Colorado City State park

Hitting the road this morning was very touching, for the first time I had some family ride with me... it was only a few blocks but it was an awesome feeling! After hitting the roadways it was back to I-20 and the access roads it offered. It was a very rural ride today, and was able to see some unusual things on this day.

My dad (Mike) has been leapfrogging around me everyday carrying my bags and extra water bottles. Sitting in the car (probably bored out of his mind watching me ride by every 30 minutes or so). This day was a day that he could truly enjoy, we ran across several small Salvage yards?(I don't care to call them junk yards), that have awesome selections of old cars available to purchase. One of these was a yard with 35-40 1955,1956,and 1957 Chevrolets. And several private yards with old cars for sale. My dad enjoying cars as he does (especially his 1935 Ford, back home in Denver), was enjoying the sights and the occasional conversation with the owners. It was good to see him having some fun on this otherwise monotonous following of my riding. THANK YOU DAD!!!!

After seeing some of the cars and stopping to see some myself (I am a huge fan of 1965-1966 Mustangs, and got to see some of those as well!), I was chased by my first loose dog. Thank goodness I had my pepper spray - it did the trick - a little hit it's nose and back home he went!

The next biggest thing I found is the windmills, lots and lots, and lots of windmills. It is amazing that those huge things can be turned by the smallest of breezes, not a problem today as I had 10 - 15 MPH cross/head winds. It is amazing how many of them are out there on that ridge. It does make for cool viewing a night as you look from a distance and see all the red lights blinking.

Other that the wind mills and cars the only other notable thing this day was the FINA refinery in Big Spring,TX. It is quite the site to behold, i have never seen a working refinery before, and was amazed at the size of a working refinery, it has been in operation over 80 tears and gets its raw fuel from the Gulf of Mexico and puts out 4 million tons of fuel products and asphalt a year, so I guess they do it pretty big in Texas!!!!

We ended the day at Lake Colorado City State park, a little off the beaten path but a very nice park.

Instead of ending the blog here, I get to share a little about the State park.... We were camped next to a camper from New Hampshire, (neighbors, since I am from Connecticut). We met and talked to Jean Everson and Dick Spurr, in the camper and told the story of our ride and mission, and we shared stories from the road as well.
We turned in for the night and got a much needed good nights sleep.

The Garmin Information for the day is as follows:

Day 20 Midland to Lake Colorado City State park by wegotguts at Garmin Connect - Details

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