Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 30
Hico to Lampasas

Today started much like yesterday, dark, dreary and wet. We decided (my dad and I) to go to the Koffee Kup for breakfast- this was a recommendation from several people. We were not disappointed, the food and service were both awesome. While checking out the owners could not believe I was about to head out on my bike on a day like this. I told them I had ridden in from Weatherford the day before. They then agreed with me that today was not so bad. They asked about the ride, and so I talked with them for a short while and explained what the ride is about, gave them some information, (asked them to check it out and follow) and was again on my way.
Today it was easy to find my way, we got on highway 281(the American Legion Memorial Highway) and followed it all the way to Lampasas. The rain stopped within a half an hour leaving Hico, so I stopped and changed out of my rain gear and into my long pants and jacket.

All I can say about the terrain today is – “Welcome to Texas Hill Country!!!” The roads are a roller coaster of hills, nothing really too steep, just lots of them. I managed the worst of the hills pretty easily as I rolled toward Lampasas. I was hoping to see lots of Bluebonnets today and was disappointed that I did not get to see lots of fields full of them. I did stop at one field that had a lot of bluebonnets later in the day and took a picture….the one you see above… when you have that many Bluebonnets they are quite beautiful.

The traffic today was quite heavy in both directions; there were a large number of campers traveling in both directions, as well as a lot of motorcycles too. I could not help but wonder what the large amount of both were for or where they were off too or coming from, is it possible that the Bluebonnet are that much of a draw? They say this about peak for them and in the areas surrounding us, and there are supposed to be awesome fields full of them – we will see what tomorrow brings as far as that goes.

We are staying overnight at a home my father-in-law is renovating in the area, so we had to wait for him to arrive and show us exactly how to get to the property (it was only 20 minutes or so). As he arrived to guide us in, my family came driving up as well to surprise me with a visit. They were in Abilene and weather postponed my daughters’ softball game so they took a road trip to visit for a while.
Before they left for the evening we went into town and had dinner, Bar-B-Q, at the firehouse@@@@@@. I had the two meat platter-Sausage and brisket with beans and potato salad. It was the first Bar-B-Q I have had since getting to Texas, and it was GOOD!
We went back to the house said our goodbyes and I showered and went to bed for a good night’s rest.

The Garmin information for the day is as follows:

Day 30 Hico to Lampasas by wegotguts at Garmin Connect - Details

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  1. MMM Texas BBQ There is one in Farmington CT. Past Valero Gas on the right across from the Golf course.I'm told by a native Texan as good as it gets in the NE..So glad to hear you have such wonderful family support.Everything is better with a bluebonnet on best to Jay. Godspeed.