Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 21
Lake Colorado City State Park to Abilene

Leaving the park this morning we had to wait for the gate to be unlocked, then we continued onto the access roads of I-20, and right away we were in the middle of the windmill farms that we were on the edge of yesterday.

After passing the windmills, finally, I started passing old cotton farmlands with cotton from last years crop on the ground still. The road passed under the highway and there were several caged carts full of what appeared to be last years cotton, just sitting around.

I was trying to make good time today as the Firefighters from Abilene were to meet me in Trent and ride the balance of the day to Abilene with me. Of course the wind gods had other plans, I was heading East - guess which way the winds were heading?? East/Southeast all day!! I was still able to manage some decent times, and at lunchtime I was in Sweetwater. I had my first whataburger, and was impressed at the service they provide, and the burger was good as well.

After lunch I stopped at the Sweetwater fire department and traded patches with them, I was able to give them their first patch from Connecticut, for their patch wall! Time was still ticking and I was to be 15 miles away in about an hour, that was a little tight time wise. I called Kevin Johnson (Local 1044 President) to let him know I was running a little late. It seems they had a later start than anticipated as well, sounds like we will both be there around the same time still!

I pedaled until I finally arr rived at the new school in Trent, and as I arrived the group of six firefighters had just left to come down the road to meet me. We pulled into the school for a moment, I was introduced to the firefighters, I am sorry to say I am terrible with names and cannot remember them all. I will get their names to be posted.

They were 6 strong and myself when we set out for Abilene, 25 miles left for the day. It was a nice ride, I shifted from front to back to talk with the firefighters as we rode, it made the last 25 miles pass very quickly. When we arrived in Tye one of the firefighters looked up and said, "I think your kids are up there", and when I looked my daughters Adrianne, and Kristin along with Adriannes' boyfriend Daniel were there to ride the last 8 miles with me as well.

I was overwhelmed and excited to have such support and encouragement. We stopped at the Sam's club parking lot where we were met by the press, 2 TV stations, the Abilene newspaper, a MetroCares Ambulance, and a fire engine from Abilene Station 1, to welcome us and follow us to station 1 for refreshments. Sam's club donated some Gatorade, water, and ice for us to rehydrate while talking to the press and winding down.

Kevin Johnson found the local bike shop - Bike World - who was willing to work with me to get the Long Haul Trucker tuned up and cleaned up, to continue the rest of the trip.

Thank you Kevin, Local 1044 firefighters, Bike World, MetroCares Ambulance (David Bulloch, and Samantha Keck), and all the Abilene press willing to help spread our words of awareness!!!

The garmin information for the day is as follows:

Day 21 Lake Colorado City State park to Abilene by wegotguts at Garmin Connect - Details


  1. Todd you are amazing and this post really gave me chills mostly because you are spreading the word and being so amazingly strong. I'm proud of you and keep praying for you on your journy! <3 Lisa from Chicago

  2. Todd, Good luck with your bike trip. Must be a great way to meet people and see parts of this country 1st hand.
    Mike Shea retired FF Wtby